Saraswati- The Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge.                         
JAI SARASWATI MAA🙏🙏🙏🙏             Chanting Her name helps in undergoing successful academic and research rigor!
                                                                                  Watch the Saraswati Yantra Drawing ( right hand, Lower frame) while Chanting.

Jewish boy plays Hindu devotional music in Christian church! If that doesn't get you into heaven nothing will. Reminds of the Woody Allen quip about embracing all religions: "Why miss heaven on a technicality. Rock on KD. Your kirtan to the God of all religions is sublime.

Universal consciousness in a human form. Namaste from a born muslim who resides in the formless.unity in consciousness.

Jewish Boy+ Christian Church+ Hindu beautiful.. In case of religion, we just need to understand that every religion leads to the one god, the super power, which hinduism says. Then, everything is going to be as beautiful as this song from Krishna Das.

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