FrameWork & Mission.

A connecting point for the 

Learned Ones to mentor the seekers.

 All learning from one and another.

A non-sectarian unified 

pursuit of  the Wellness principal.

Come join us and 

explore the potential.

Chair of Board

The chair of the board (COB) heads the board of directors, provides leadership to the firm's executives and other employees, leads the charge on big-picture decisions, and sets the tone for the corporate culture of our company.

         Our Flag :

         Message from the Zia

         A circle from which four points radiate.  

        To the Zia Indian, the sacred number is embodied in 

        the earth with its four main directions;

         in the year with its four seasons;

         in the day, with sunrise, noon, evening, and night; 

         in life, with its four divisions – 

         childhood, youth, adulthood, and old age.

         Everything is bound together in a circle of life, 

         without beginning, without end.  

        man has four sacred obligations: 

        he must develop a strong body,  

        a clear mind, a pure spirit, 

       and a devotion to the welfare of his people.

Our Logo:

All emanates from One.           

Upon manifesting from the one duality emerges.

Individual soul circles around the manifest,  to return to One.